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Demus Taylor
Taylortown History

In the early 1900's Demus Taylor purchased land from the Tuff's family in hopes of beginning a town for the work force of Pinehurst. Demus was a descendant western African tribe Ebu and his grandfather was one of the first slaves brought to the new world. The town, originally called Old Settlement, was later renamed Taylortown in honor of it's founder. Further development of the town continued through the efforts of Demus's son, Robert, who helped to found a school, which he called Academy Heights, for the settlement's children. During the 1990's the county's year round school was built at approximately the same location and was aptly named Academy Heights, in tribute of the early school.

Taylortown was incorporated in 1987, due to the efforts of it's citizens, including Geneva McRae. Ms. McRae a graduate of Academy Heights High School, served in WW II, helped supervise New York State Employment Service and, after retirement, returned to Taylortown, where she served as mayor for two terms.

The legacy of Demus and Robert Taylor is reflected by present day residents through their strong sense of community and pride in the town's heritage.

* Town Council meetings are the last Tuesday of every month @ 6PM - The next Town Council Meeting is Tuesday 02/24/2015 @ 6PM

Town Hall
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Water Dept (Mrs. Randolph)
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