New Residents & Businesses

Welcome to the Town of Taylortown

General Information

Town Administration (Physical Address):

Town Clerk (Rita Maness)
Water Dept. (Rita Maness)
8350 Main Street
Taylortown, NC
(910) 295-4010 (telephone)
(910) 295-1696 (facsimile)

Police Department (Chief M. Hobgood)
(910) 295-1392 (telephone)
(910) 295-7392 (facsimile)

New Town Residents and Commerical Businesses:

If you are, or know of someone new moving into the area, please contact the Town Water Department located in the Town Hall Office so our reports can be updated, and individuals can receive information such as the Town Meeting Schedule, and also be signed up for water and/or sanitation services.  Please note you will be required to pay an initial deposit in order to establish services with the town.


The Town does not provide door to door trash pickup, however monthly sanitation fees (see town fee schedule) are used to cover the cost of a trash dumpster located on Municipal Drive.  This service is for normal household garbage and recycles only.

Household Waste:

Unwanted household waste (other than regular household trash) such as furniture, appliances, paint, oil, batteries, scrap, tires and pesticides are NOT to be dumped in the town dumpster.  Violators are subject to fines.  Household waste can be taken to the county landfill located at: 456 Turning LeafWay, Aberdeen, NC.

Town Park Use:

  • The park is open to the public daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
  • The pool is open from Memorial Day thru Labor Day, for a minimal fee.
  • The Town Park has been made available for events such as family reunions, birthday parties, etc.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed.
  • A formal request along with a $50 deposit is required, and must be handled through the Town Clerk. The deposit will be returned only if no damage is done to the property.  Park rental fees are $200.00 for town residents and non-residents.
  • Official meetings/events of the Town government and its boards have first priority over other activities.


If a Taylortown resident has a mailbox in front of their home or plan to put one up, they will need to be added to the mail route at the West End Post Office.

If the resident prefers a PO Box, they may purchase one at either the West End Post Office or the Pinehurst Post Office.

Post Office Addresses:

West End Post Office                       Pinehurst Post Office
5161 NC Highway 211                   80 Blake Blvd.
West End, NC 27376                       Pinehurst, NC 28370
(910) 673-8041                                  (910) 295-6478

Compliance Letters for Permit Purposes:

Requests for letters of compliance must be in writing and are to be addressed to the town zoning administrator.  The letter should include complete details of the proposed project along with a sketch with all dimensions outlined.  A copy of the GIS property map from the county is required in order to verify zoning setbacks.

Animal Shelter:

Animal Control Protection Services- provided through the Moore County Department of Animal Operations.

The center provides shelter for the Moore County’s abandoned and stray animals; promote placement programs and public education, and enforces state and county animal laws.  For more information, please call Animal Control at (910) 947-2858.